Friday, April 30, 2010

Bieber Fever.



Take THAT Thomas!


Cue: *cries*

Source: Perez Hilton

Thursday, April 29, 2010






Seriously, replacing words with emoticons is darn annoying. Emoticons = Expressing EMOTIONS. They use like SMILEYS or like some other funny action. It is NOT to replace words. Especially when it sparkles and moves.

*slit throat*

Thursday, April 22, 2010

My stupid question.

Last night I asked Herobear a ridonkulous question.
Yes, even I admit it's stupid.

"If I asked you to, would you pull my armpit hair?" *

He then continued to repeat the word 'armpit hair' for about 40 times in every other sentence to emphasize my uber nuisance. AhhHhhHH!! The questions I sometimes ask.! Oh, his answer? Well, he repeated the word over 40 times. What do you think it was. Grrh.

*I can feel Sara & Chand whacking me.

Quote from Veen Dee.

I like Deeecupps. I don't usually think girls are cute. But Deeecupps is hilarious.


She wore different flats thanks to her morning doozyness.

That is just part of her daily antics. Oh by the way she's the intern we fooled during April Fool's Day.
She cried. Sorry Veen Dee (pronounced as Van Dee). It was hilarious though.

Anyway, check outher blog. I love her pictures (& I don't think every Tom, Dick & Harry who owns an SLR takes great pics). And especially love the snogging ones. (Yes, I am sappy like that).

(Stolen from Veen Dee's blog) Yes, I am quoting her.

If I have an egoistic narcissistic male of a brain and anatomy, I would fall for her.


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Just a little.

Do your heart break just a little every time you tear up?
Just a little?

I paid attention to mine.
And I think it does.

Scrambled brains.

There are times where I am not making much sense. And I pose ridiculous questions and situations. I swear you wouldn't believe the questions I ask. But it is for a reason. And I suppose it means something to me. We all have our ideal answers and solutions. Of course realistically speaking, it is a constant miss.

But that does not define the relationship.

Yes, it does bug me. But what would you prefer?
The picture perfect or being there living its imperfections savoring the perfections?

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Baddest Boy.

His mom left him with his dad while she settled her father's death back in her home town.

His dad do not know how to control his own son.

His mom got her friend to take care of him while she's away for 2 weeks.

Here's the story:

- He refuses to eat. His dad brings him out to choose anything he wants. He chooses but he doesn't eat.

- He lied to his 'nanny' he usually eat 3 half boiled eggs in the morning. But she still cooked him one and told him she'll cook more if he wants more after finishing it. He insisted upon pouring the soy sauce himself. Over poured. Threw away.

- His dad kept his PSP following his mom's instructions. He took his toy and scratched the TV. Twice. Now the big arse TV has nice long lines across the screen.

- His 'nanny' decided to hand wash clothes instead of machine washing it. He kept putting his leg in and out of the tub.

- He tried turning on the stove to burn the table cloth.

- He played with knife and scissors. He used it to stab all the kitchen cabinets.

- He locked his nanny out of the house, twice, for a VERY long time.

- He got smacked by his dad for the first time in his life and locked outside, in his compound. He started singing, played around, calmly knocking saying "Auntie, open the door." [He was out there for like what? 5-10 mins?]

- He decided to colour all the curtains.

- He comes home from school. He takes off he shoes, and throws it one side. He takes off his socks, and throws it the other side. He takes out all of his books from his bag, puts it on the table and sweep it off.

- He refuses to let anyone watch the TV. He plays turns on the TV, plays PSP, and throws his toys around.

It has only been a week since she left.
He's only 7.

He isn't naughty.
He is bad. He knows what is right and what is wrong. Let me tell you why.
When he comes over to my house. He's a saint.
When his mother is around, he isn't too bad. He does hit his mom though.
But he has no respect for his dad whatsoever.

What would you do with a boy like that?

Monday, April 12, 2010

Whatcha say?

Like I said before..

We all know what we want. Whether we've got the guts to actually do it, is a whole different story.

Stop doing the whole self convincing act. Why bother lying to yourself? It's like tuning your watch to be 5 minutes faster. Cheat self. But you actually know the real timing. Its just temporary lie.

Sucks to be a circle. Cause all circles ever do is roll around.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Gym + The Bodies that come along with it.

First thing first. No matter how cool of a girl[space]friend  I am.
I still don't do crass. Don't greet me with crude words. It may symbolise our closeness, but it creates distance and preconceived images.

Now back to our Johnny Bravo's.

I don't give two cents if you use a 'on Tuesday's I do push up and weights and on Thursday's I do ballet and yoga' technique.
I don't give two cents if a guy comes up to you and asks you how you gotten those wings.
I don't give two cents if guys are staring at you with the "he's got the bod"
I don't give two cents if you are able to press this amount of pumps.
I don't give two cents if you drink a certain type of protein shake with tablets.
I don't give two cents if you are able to build your body faster than your friend's.
I don't give two cents if you thought you never thought you could ever have that body mass.
I don't give two cents if you allocate your Wednesdays for gym.
I don't give two cents if your shirt is now too tight because you have gotten bigger.
I don't give two cents if lately you have been looking at the mirror and noticed changes.
I don't give two cents if girls are interested in you MORE now.
I don't give two cents if your boobs are bigger than mine.

Gym junkies.

Let me tell you what I give a damn about:
Abs. (*scratches*)
Lean. (I like him lean. Oh yes, I like them lean.)
No protein shake.
Do not look like a teapot(stout) because you're too built.
I like it real. (No. Not the real 'I- do- nothing- real')

Seen Taylor Lautner? Nope, not a turn on. Seen Zinedine Zidane? Oh yes. Oooo.. yes.
Basically, my point is 'I like the end product. Not the bragging bit.'

What's with turning your guns to the camera to emphasize your muscles?

Sunday, April 4, 2010

I wish I am able to update.

Look, I am sleepy. Its 1:39am.
I've to get up at friggin' 6:20am. Latest.
I don't even wake up THAT early on a weekday!

Okay.. maybe I am a little bit pissed off.
But then again, it is to send Denisa Khoo aka Ashvin Vijay's girlfriend off.

BTW, she still refuses to admit.
Sorry, but its just blatantly stupid to stick to the 'he's my friend' story.

Because, no friend will tattoo your name on his bod.
Yupe. You heard that right.

xxxxxxxxxx Don't kill me.

Next update: Men and Gyms. & their apparent hot bods.