Monday, May 24, 2010

Why Smartphones can be Dumbphones?

Aren’t we materialistic these days? Or is it just the KL brats? I was over at Serendah 2 weekends ago and we had to pass through Orang Asli housing area. They do live in proper walled houses/squatters type, some even have Astro! [It does not surprise me] But yet there are some who still go bare footed. Yes, adults too. And today I was on the train, holding on to my BlackBerry as it beeps.. I realised, contrary to my ‘self-persuaded belief’ not everyone owns a BlackBerry, but they are still on their John-Jane phones. *frowns*

I have been given a ‘Taboo’ topic list. 1) Guys. 2) Banana. 3) BlackBerry vs iPhones. No seriously. My debates on smartphones have gone far and wide~even further than Celcom’s coverage. I’ve been using BlackBerry for almost 2 years now. But………..

It was a dumbphone for about a year and a half. *big grins* I used it for John-Jane purposes. 1) In the UK, it requires you to sign up with them for at least 18 months or something like that. So I just bought the BlackBerry as it is. *loves it* Then almost a year later it went bonkers, tried servicing it 3 times, gave up, they gave me a new one, I signed up for DiGi Smart Plan, a week later, I lose my BlackBerry. *head bows*. So I bought another BlackBerry. And apparently a retarded one. Got it changed the next day. *stabs Blue Cube*

With all honesty, I was never a DiGi fan. I was with Maxis. But EVERYBODY KNOWS Maxis sucks the customer’s money as good as a 'Queen'. With that, I went over to DiGi, enquired, got my card instantly. Okay, wow. Then we have the plans. I had no idea I was signed on to DiGi Smart Plan. I guess the promoter girl thought I knew what I am in for. ANYWAY, ‘RM58/month unlimited’ stuck to my head. Sound like a ChurpChurp keyword brief. Reasonable prices/okay internet speed [sorry but no one can suck at it as bad as Streamyx]. However, I’ve been getting slow internet these days. P1W1MAX is getting my e-mails faster than DiGi. Err.. weird. DiGi, you used to be quicker. Oh wait, that was with Streamyx.

BREAK FREE with DiGi! Dress up as a villain [I must as well go to it as myself] this Saturday [29.05.10] exclusively for DiGi Evangelists @ Ecoba! MORE INFO

Btw, [I've a list why BB's better than iPhone, but lets not get into that] owning a BlackBerry with a data plan is the best thing. BlackBerry Messenger really makes communicating easier (chat/pictures/files/voice notes/video). Easy INSTANT communication worldwide. Isn't that a good enough reason? *sigh*

Mutated Donkey.


I think people who whines alot sound like a Mutated Donkey.

Just thought you should know.

It's a Sunday and I feel exhausted from boredom. Was that even possible? Apparently it is. I do however have 2 lovely storybooks to keep me company. But similar to all the other Generation Y, I rather watch something to kill my boredom. I wanted to watch IronMan2 for the second time, but, err.. that didn't happen. I had a good night at Somo last night. Then again, that was Saturday. Sunday's just a tad boring. I love storybooks mind you. Problem is, it finishes quickly. Sims 3 would be good too if I'd brought back my mouse.

Erm... *head bows*

change of heart.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

T.B.D. [Updated]


It's Thomas Benjamin Daniel's 25th Birthday.

What's he doing?

"I'm like sitting here, drinking expensive whiskey and listening to some super emo ass songs. Wtf is up with this Jerome Kugan fellow?! Someone needs to show him a rainbow and butterfly or something. Lagu sedih jiwang nak mampus."

If I'm there, I would be drinking whiskey with him. Like 2 sips.. and singing along to jiwang songs that I know. *grins*
Since I'm not there, all I am able to do is: *HUGS AND KISSES FROM A FAR*lots of love* To clear things up, he did have 2 birthday celebrations today.

Though on the eve of your birthday you brought up Kiot [and I will still hold you for that] I still wish we are all around to get all silly as usual =D

Here are some pictures... XOXXO

Remember Miss Genevieve? Who wore gardening gloves to class? EVERYDAY?! I'm sorry we scared you..
We didn't mean for you to leave Taylor's. =D

Our PHUNK days... Hi Boss. We spent lots of late nights together. Like Bangsar bird shit incident. Grrh. AND YOU ARE TERRIBLE AT DIRECTIONS! I remember that! You are hopeless at it. Like. HOPELESS.

Late to college, err.. hit the curb... and errr... yeah. My entourage came to my 'rescue', laughing whilst snapping pics. Grrh.

Toone drew our faces. A Gay, Devil and a Perv. Our Taylor days were OVAAAAH!!

Self explanatory picture.


We had good times and we will always have good times. Can't wait for you to get back! Meanwhile, enjoy your Honours Year! We will get La Kereta [TM] doomed when you get back. I promise I'll make Obaibee repeat his act. And then we'll snigger.. maybe he'll ask "WHY ARE YOU SO HAIRY THOMAS? *pulls ur chest hair*" OR OR better yet, Michael Jackson's moonwalk! Uh yeah, he can do it. Just read!

*laughs* I love you!!

Obaibee, I am sorry you were collateral damage in this post. I love you too.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


There are times where you really make me wanna cry.

Sun and men.

Hi. People. And World.

Morning, got on train (yes, I actually do take the train from time to time), met KY and Kadazan. Kadazan told KY my name's Jessica. Then we decided to list the names starting from the letter 'J' down. Common ones.


*laughs* Err, no I did not come up with the last one =P

ANYWAY, here's what morning conversations are like:
Me: Ahhhh sun. Stupid sun. Exploding on me. Like men.
Kadazan: LOL What's that supposed to mean Linda. Are you still deprived?
Me:  Nothing =P No, I am no longer deprived. Rainforest/glass house, good idea.
Fresh: What. What is this all @.@
Kadazan: I should go for a glass house trip too ;) Eh how much ah? Haahahahha
Me: Are you deprived tooo? 600/glass house/night - 4ppl. Addition 50/head. Max 6 ppl/hse.
Kadazan: Me.. Deprived because.. My red aunt came for a visit. You know.. her monthly visit. Hahaha.

Hahaaa.. don't think too far. It's all good fun.

I like Johnny Depp but I don't like Robert Downey Jr. I like kissing but I don't like making out.

I love that game. Now we're playing 'Boleh ke tak boleh?'.


So was Mister Goodbar [Made with Chocolate and Peanuts] good last weekend?
Uh yeahh......!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Iron Man 2.

Sorry. But, Iron Man 2 rocks. It beats Ip Man 2's arse. Flat.

Hot male lead? Check.
Hot female characterS? Check.
Uber cool suit? Check.
F1? Check.
Humour? Check. Check.
Cool factor? Oh yeahh..! [Check]

Yes, I know I am 3 weeks late. But its all good. Its soooo guud.

3 things I cant resist in a man.

Look good scruffy or clean-shaven, a charming smile and a good suit/formal wear.

Yeah...  That will pretty much turn me on.

Sorry. I like bad boys at times. Grrrh..


Thursday, May 13, 2010



I love this guy. Quoting him "We go way back right Lindy?"

I have to admit, we do lots of ridonkulous stuff together. IE: Margarita night at La Kereta, when everyone else abandoned us.. A picture to prove:

Overall, he's straight not turning gay. Cool(no, seriously, he actually is). Handsome. Tall. A ladies man. Oh, and not mine.

But be warned. He sometimes get corny like this:

Still, I love him. Keep ringing me in the middle of last night. When I finally got back to him, he was asking me where I'm at.

Me: Why Tun?
Tun: Cause.. Shafiq just saw someone like you in the ER.


Its 13th of May people. & Horeca is having a party themed ~ Wonderland. Opps.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Part 2 ~ The Tales of La Kereta's Margarita.


Because I am feeling generous. Here's Part 2 La Kereta Margarita Night.

Obaibee: Eh dude. Nampak aku punye lighter tak?
Guys: Takk.. aku punye *everybody starts showing their lighter*
Obaibee: It's transparent purple...
Guys: *everybody starts naming the colour of their lighter*
Obaibee: *panic*
Me: Is it in your pocket?
Obaibee: No its not. *touches pocket*panic*
Tun: *quickly lights Obaibee's cigg*

[10 mins later]
Obaibee: *took out a purple lighter from his pocket*
Me: ........ YOU SAID U LOST IT?!
Obaibee: *confused* huh, no. It'd always been there.

Dude, are you okay?
[Checks on Obaibee in the toilet]

Obaibee: *woozy*
Me: Are you okay??
Obaibee: Yeah I am. Eh, dude, are you okay?
Me: .....................................
Dude: *wasted*
Me: Do you wanna go to the toilet?
Obaibee: Huh? Dude, are you okay?? *pats pats*
Me: ..........................
[Toilet door opens]
Obaibee: *reaches for another toilet door. Couldn't seem to turn touch the door knob*
Me: .. go to another one!
Guy from toilet: Here here!
Obaibee: No its okay.. *still tries to grasp the door knob*
Me: WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! Go to the other one!
Obaibee: *stumbles inside*
[Toilet door opens]
Obaibee: Dude, is your friend okay?
Guy from toilet: Don't worry about it. *smiles*
Me: Are YOU okay?
Obaibee: Sure your friend is okay?
Me: ..........................................................................

Handshake. Secret Handshake.
DJ: *walks in. greets everyone with a secret handshake. 4 times. Then, turns to Obaibee.*
Obaibee: *hands up. in a ready position* Okay, I dah studied you guys punye handshake. Cube try..
[Tried doing it]
Obaibee: Ni. Complicated sangatlah.

No it wasn't. It was like a flick & a twist.

Car. Part Two.
Obaibee: *Seating backseat, forehead against seat, talking down* Do you love me?
Me: *what is he trying to say??* Whaaa?
Obaibee: Baby! Do you love me?
Me: .... *ignores*
Obaibee: You don't?
Me: ..... *still ignoring*
Obaibee: *loudly* BABY YOU DON'T??!!
Me: *ok, dia panic dah* ..... I do.
Obaibee: You do?
Me: Yes, I do.
Obaibee: How come you're not drunk?

Water. Unlimited.
[Back at home]
Me: *enters toilet after 15 mins*
Obaibee: *sitting. asleep. hands holding shower spray. turned on*

Self explanatory.

I can't wait for this Saturday. *laughs*

Monday, May 10, 2010


Sometimes, you're bodoh giler.

The La Kereta Margarita Night. (its a rather long post)

A picture to summarise the story:

The Story:

'Lindy! Margaritas tonight?'

Las Carretas aka La Kereta. Is sure one hell of a deadly-mix-liquid hole. Good and Deadly. You can ask Kylie Chan. Strawberry Margarita got her on HitzFM & the side of the toilet bowl.

Let me tell you from the next day POV.

My head was buzzing the next morning. I had work to go to. That lasted till 3pm or something like that.

I shall tell you quick scenarios:

Tun: I need to pee.
Me: Me too.
Tun: Lets go.

[In the toilet]
Me: We should take pictures.
Tun: Yeah we should.
Me: Lets!
Tun: ... I left my phone at the table!!
Me: .... fail lah you.. oh.. I left mine too. Damned.

Friends before Hoes.
Me: See Tun! Too much kan? Abandon me and all (referring to Obaibee).
Tun: Yeah.. its okay Lindy. We go way back.
Me: Yes! We do!
Tun: 2006 kan? Come High 5!
Me: Come, you're my new boyfriend. Take a pic. Smile properly. I wanna twitter it.(The Picture)
Obaibee: You know she never take pic with me?
Me: You always do stupid faces that's why. Or that lala pose.
Obaibee: Eh please. The blacks started it first.
[Then the entire group had an argument about Black. I got banged because I didn't know who Tupac is. Still don't.]

Futsal + Motorsports.
Friends of Obaibee knows that Obaibee don't know NUTS about futsal/football. So when he went on as if he knows about it. I was pretty sure he's a goner. The part where we are ALL certain that Obaibee is a total goner, is when he asked the waiter whether he was going for Futsal. & he dare say right after that : "If I walk down this stairs without falling. I'm sober."

Numbess + Dumbness.
Tun: I'm numb.
Me: What? Numb?
Tun: Yeah.. like my whole face. If you slap me I wouldn't even feel it.
Me: *slaps*
Tun: HOI!!!!!!!!
Me: Hahahaa.... you said you're numb!
Tun: Yea, my whole face is numb. If you slap me I wouldn't even feel it.
Me: ....................... *SLAPS!*
Tun: HOI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Back in the car.
[I drove. Obaibee, backseated.]

Obaibee: *panic* Why are you stopping??????
Me: .......... TRAFFIC LIGHTLAH!!!


"Baby, I'm drunk. I'm beyond drunk."

P.S. Obaibee 'usually' have a very high tolerance for the deadly liquid. However, on this particular night. I don't know how his manliness got out & Margaritas did its job. Btw, it was 11pm.

Love you Thomas Benjamin Daniel:

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Men & their eyes.

I was telling Obaibee how Sara & I get eyed at by sleazy men. If we're wearing slutty outfit, its one thing. But we're wearing Nuffnang-office-style dresscode.

If they want to stare, fine. But do it discreetly? Don't freaking slow down your damn car during green light, arses.
Obaibee:  Who stares? Malay? Chinese? Or...
Me: All. (No seriously)
Obaibee: Then you know at least you're One Malaysia.


Sara said: They don't have anything to stare at home thats why!

ALSO,  stop calling us Amoi!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Big Long Stickly Rabbit.


I HATE HORNBILLS. No. You do not understand how much I hate hornbills/toucan.

No. I will not google the image. Shit. It's in my head.

DAMN YOU HORNBILLS. With that huge beak of yours.. eating my flesh. Poking into my eyes. TAKING AWAY MY BUTTON NOSE.

I hate hornbills.

ANYWAY, the past weekend, I did IKEA-type of shopping. Just not in Ikea. Bought an awesome coverlet set.
In the process of getting that awesome coverlet set, Icebear, decided to be, whats the word, well call him whatever you want, _______________.

Ever been to Living Quarters? They sell this range of really creative household items. IE: Octopus as a dish scrub. Monkey peeler.
There are many others but I've been brain washed, thanks to Icebear. He held up this gardening scissors. & then I went 'SEE its really cool right these stuffs!' *gets excited*
I was poking the gardening scissors when he asked 'you do know what this is right?' & I went 'err.... *looks for name*reads TOUCAN*'

What happened after that? Lets just say, YOU SUCK HEROBEAR!



I want a big long stickly rabbit.


Monday, May 3, 2010

3 pictures and a video.

*stolen from Sara Khoo's blog*

Picture One. Specially for Chand. xx

Picture Two. Because the Khoo's are awesome that way. xx

Picture Three. Herobear just know how to tick my buttons.

And SARA KHOO encouraged it. *strangles Miss Khoo* NO MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The next time I see these V-fingers by you when you're by me, I will sumbatkan it up your hidung. xxx

The Video of the week: Wobbly Legs. *lots of love to Michelle*