Thursday, October 21, 2010


"We are PARAMORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Yupe I was there. Rockzone. Sweat and big people stepping on my foot. And loud fan girls. And girls who got claustrophobic.

Thanks to @nickrosevelt , we got there at slightly before 7. Got in the gates at 7:30pm and waited! And @fresh026 , was making fun of my apparel. What??! I didn't know rock concerts have this dark bohring dresscode =P Yes, take that Basi. So I was in laced beige pantskirt and a grey-coral light top. But I wore flats..!

It was my first concert! Isn't it awesome to begin it with Paramore? (Though y2k performed in weird masks and no one got them..)

You know how you always hear stories of how the 'stars' come out real late, do a short stint and get off? Well, Paramore was on time! Slightly earlier, maybe. AND they played for an hour an a half. Just fantastic!! Got the crowd going~~ and Hayley was pretty.. ahem the guitarist too was pretty darn handsome =P Alright back to their songs!!!! They are great performers, it wasn't them performing and us jaw dropped watching. It was the whole stringing the crowd along~~ Best part was when everyone had anything that illuminates and raised it and swayed to "The Only Exception".

Oh this girl kept swishing her hair in my face. GRRhhh... you know how it is the 'oh I notice my hair too much and conveniently sway my hair from left to right' type? Yeah. Totally was doing that. I capture this to send to Fresh and asked her to save me.. and @michellezyenn was laughing at me. Thanks. *smack* She got lost somewhere in the crowd after that so.. she avoided the entire dramatic episode of me yanking her ponytail.

Thanks Tune Talk for making it happen!!

Isn't it awesome working at Nuffnang? *GRINS*

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fresh said...

wtf did you really yank her ponytail?! HAHAHAHAHA